PS604 & PS754

The standard working width of the PS04 range is 1 to 14m. When you increase the PTO speed of the tractor from 540 rpm to 620 rpm the spreading with can be increased to even 15m. The features of the PS04 spreader are exact rate controll, quick change spouts, low filling heights and easy maintenance. This versatile spreaders are popular for vienyards, golf courses and general farm applications. 

Technical Specifications

Disc Spreaders 
Model  PS403 PS604 PS754
Hopper capacity (ltr) 400 600 750
Hopper width (cm) 145 175 175
Filling height, 3-pt types (cm) 89 96 96
Weight 3-pt types (kg) 121 130 151
PTO speed (rpm) 540 540 540
3-point linkage category  1/2 2 2